´Sacko´ is a small batch of plant dyed items, handpicked curated second hand clothing and hand made accessories.

Hand dyes

Each of these products are dyed by hand using 100% natural plant extracts resulting in textiles that are natural, sustainable and non toxic to us and the environment. The process for one garment is slow and requires many hours of love and care. Each step of the process is done by myself which gives me the possibility to control the use of water and waste.

The majority of the garments are second hand garments or dead stock that will be up-cycled. The strive is always to use organic fibers whenever possible.

Second hand

Carefully selected second hand garments that has been locally sourced  on the Swedish west coast. Some thrift finds will get new life being remade by going through a natural dyeing process using 100% natural plant extracts. Other finds are simply good as they are and will be sold as unique sustainable pieces.


Hand made pieces made by scrap fabrics from other projects and sometimes in collaboration with other creators sharing the same vision.